Sarah Seidelmann's What the Walrus Knows

An Eccentric's Field Guide to Working with Beastie Energies
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Hello! What the Walrus Knows is a book that will change the way you think about the Beasties you encounter on a daily basis and just might change your whole life- that is what it did for me. Connecting with the Messages of each unique Beastie is like aligning with some really positive energy and will help you FEEL GOOD about whatever is going on in your life. Discovering new insights into yourself, friends, parents, children as well as yourself is powerful stuff.

Actually connecting with a "Core Beastie" can empower and fortify you so that you can get out in the world and do whatever it is you were born to do. What are you waiting for? Buy the book and look into what your favorite Beastie has to say to you! Chears! Sarah

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